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Events add value to Region.

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Feeling pretty chuffed for the Goondiwindi Region with the first of three great events soon to converge on Goondiwindi.  The first is the Great Endeavour Rally starting in front of the Victoria Hotel (Herbert Street) on July 12.  200 people will be in Goondiwindi for up to two days before the event.  August 20 and the Variety Bash overnights in Goondiwindi on this Saturday.  Lunch for 425 people in Inglewood will be a great fundraiser for the P&C before big dinner at the Community Cultural Centre.  September 10 and 1,500 riders cycle away from Goondiwindi before overnight stops in Yelarbon and Texas.  About 1,000 of them will stay in Goondiwindi that Friday night.  Apart from being fantastic events for their great causes the ecnomic impact of an influx of this number of people into the region cannot be underestimated.  Events are important economically to us and the more the merrier!


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June 26, 2011 at 8:28 pm

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