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Texas Country Music Roundup 2011

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The Texas Country Music Roundup is off to a great start for 2011.  About 100 caravans are located in and around the Texas Sports Complex with the main events not happening until this weekend.  Here is the reverse angle of the ticket seller ‘s caravan located in Middleton Street-in keeping with the theme of the event.

Some of the caravans parked on the Sports ground land.  The stage for the event will be positioned on Thursday directly behind (to the right) of the goal posts in the foreground.


Looking back from the car park to the hill behind the Sports Ground.  This area is quickly filling with caravans.

Another of Texas Qld Inc’s (TQI) caravans – this time set up as an office.  Inside the caravan is Texas Qld Inc’s Sally Ridgway, and in front is “Yogi” Anderson representing both the Texas SES and TQI and Annie Davies who assists each year with organising the walk up artists.

The event is run each year on the last weekend in September by Texas Queensland Inc.  The Roundup is a major economic boost to TQI,community groups, and Texas generally. 

And it wouldn’t run without volunteers who put countless hours into the event which sees caravans lined up on Monday waiting to get into the grounds!!  Must be doing something right by all concerned!!



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September 20, 2011 at 7:54 am

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