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Ambulance service boost… come along way since 1920

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Sport Grants Queensland

I received a media release today (Wednesday) from the State Government advising that Goondiwindi has received an additional four paramedics.  According to the media release the new officers commenced in their positions in Goondiwindi in May.

At a time when government jobs are being removed from rural Queensland (who remembers when the Court House was bulging with public servants from differing departments?) it is heartening to see an “influx”of  people, into a place like Goondiwindi.

Things were a lot different for the old QATB officers in Goondiwindi in 1920 by the look of the ambulance station.     I wonder how many “ambos” were stationed in Goondiwindi when this photograph was taken?

So a belated welcome to our four new paramedics.  We hope to see you out and about and hope we aren’t in need of your services or your mode of transport  just yet!!  But good to know that if we are you are…

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June 14, 2016 at 3:17 am

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