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Goondiwindi to Gold Coast cycle ride returns 2017

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Here’s the front page of the brochure produced in 2005.  Attractive destination point, the Gold Coast, and hopefully up to 1,000 riders through Goondiwindi, Yelarbon, Inglewood, Texas and onto the Gold Coast.

To maximise the benefits of up to an extra 1,000 people,  looking to link with community events along the way, including the annual food festival in Goondiwindi, but will wait to see if that meets the Cycle people’s schedule for the event.  Looking early part September 2017.

You can register now for the ride by visiting.. .


Written by dgmcmahon

September 22, 2016 at 10:06 am

Cycle Queensland 2017?

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I was on the Cycle Queensland web site and noticed that they have announced the route for the 2014 event.  They usually do this on the last night of the ride the previous year.  Well it got me thinking that perhaps we should be planning for this event to come back to our region in the next numbers of years.  You will recall 1,100 cyclists in Marshall Street for the 2005 Cycle Queensland Goondiwindi to the Gold Coast event and about 850 of them lined up in Moffatt Street or the start of the 2011 event Goondiwindi to Brisbane.  Stops along the way included Yelarbon, Inglewood (2005) and Texas.  I’ll post some photographs in the next little while to remind you!

When you have that many people in your region for 2-3 days it has to be good for business and the community generally.

Anyway, as they say “proper planning prevents poor performance” so please stay tuned in the next little while to see what I can do.


Cycle Qld

Written by dgmcmahon

September 25, 2013 at 7:36 pm